Any time Cam’ron makes the hop into film, an angel gets a set of wings and Morgan Freeman earns another freckle.

While Killa! abruptly ended his hilariously deplorable mini-classic First Of The Month after two episodes due to his cousin being incarcerated, Cam is planning to release the film 10,000 Miles sometime during the Summer 2017. He took to his Instagram page to reveal a sneak peek.

10,000 miles the single, will be out nx week, the movie coming this summer.. Directed by @iamghettonerd 😜

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There is a song which contains a Vanessa Carlton sample in this trailer. This is the greatest film of the year, already.

Speaking of “A Thousand Miles,” Cam plans to release the title track to the film (which can be heard in the trailer) in the coming days as well.


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