Stacey Dash, once a beloved actress, now a controversial sayer of silly things, has been–for lack of a more deadpan, dismissive term–been dropped by Fox News. On the record, the right wing network declined to renew her contract, and the news broke the weekend after Trump safely became POTUS. So yeah, basically dropped.
Dash, who began regularly contributing to Fox broadcasts and panels in 2014, when the network hired her “cultural analysis and commentary,” which is another way of saying they needed a popular black face to join their ranks of Trump apologists and misogynist mansplainers. Thus, Dash was given a large-scale platform to discuss cultural and political issues, which she did at an annoyingly high rate. During her brief tenure, Dash claimed Obama didn’t care about terrorism, denounced BET News’ #OscarsSoWhite rhetoric, and called for the eradication of Black History Month. If you’re wondering how she was allowed to carry on with her soapbox act for so long, consider the fact that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reportedly referred to her as “the black girl.” He probably muttered the word “token” under his breath before that.
Statements like those didn’t earn Dash any credit from the black community, which has trolled her mercilessly over the last couple of years, including BET, which fired back at Dash on TV after her criticism. Now that she’s been relieved of her Fox duties, the community that once embraced her warmly is responding in kind.

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