Kids Foot Locker has kicked off a new initiative for the holidays made to help make things a little easier on some select kids that have moved to new cities. How are they doing this? By pairing those kids up with some other “New Kids In Town”, NBA stars that have recently changed teams like Isaiah Thomas, Jimmy Butler and D’Angelo Russell. These talents pair up with a kid that’s new in town just like them and hook those kids up with a fun-filled day and some new gear from Kids Foot Locker, of course. Two of the three parts of the video series have been released on YouTube (Isaiah Thomas and Jimmy Butler) with D’Angelo Russell’s day in Brooklyn soon to follow on December 21st. And the best part about these introductions is that the kids just think they are meeting another kid in town like them – the reactions are priceless. Check out both parts below and stay tuned to KFL’s YouTube for the last chapter of the awesome “New Kids In Town” campaign.

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