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You can’t blame this one on Trump, though his Republican comrades are certainly part of the problem. NBC reports that 40 million low-income Americans will be affected by an IRS warning that tax refund checks will be delayed this year “as the agency cracks down on fraudsters.”

The delays will be for citizens claiming the income tax credit and the additional child tax credit. So far, the IRS has only specified that the extra time will be a matter of a “few weeks,” so if you are counting on this money you should get that return in on January 23rd—the first day you’re allowed to file. Many people budget their money based on this annual refund and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Associated Press, “For most of these people it’s the biggest check they are going to get all year, we are sensitive to that.”

What makes this bullshit is that America continues to make the tax situation super easy for the rich. The Daily Kos outlined a few egregious numbers when it comes to tax bills for the people who need the least amount of help:

To put this into a context, according to the Government Accountability Office, the IRS was scammed $5.8 billion in 2013 by fraudulent refunds. According to Forbes, not a bastion of socialist sentiment, corporations paid only 13% of their profits in 2013. In 2013 seven firms who reported $74 billion in profits received $1.9 billion in refunds.

Yup, make billions, get billions back. And we don’t even fucking know what our next president’s taxes look like. The best figure we have is from a New York Times report that shows because Trump lost $916 million at one point, he most likely didn’t have to pay taxes at all for 18 years. It’s a good thing that we helped this man out at a time when he was under a court-ordered budget of $400,000 a month.

Meanwhile, 40 million Americans may have to delay those new school clothes, those new tires to get to work, or whatever else they planned on using the refund for. In almost all cases, these people will never make $400,000 over the course of a decade. But when Trump was spending that every month, it called for him to pay no taxes at all.

It’s only going to get worse.


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