The landscape of the counterfeit shoe game has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Manufacturing of replicas has improved steadily to the point where the average Joe can’t even tell the difference, and even the most reputable resellers of authentic, highly sought-after footwear have been duped on occasion. Fake shoes are here to stay – a necessary evil that the industry giants and even the feds are attempting to take down. Where it be the latest or upcoming adidas Yeezy, Off-White x Nike, or Air Jordans, makers of counterfeit footwear have always delivered the goods long before an official release date, and that’s because the city Putian, China is not only where all the fake-making goes down, it’s where the brands themselves operate. VICE News Tonight on HBO caught up with a black-market seller named Ch@n, who frequents Reddit to decide on his next product. He details the basic process of making high-quality counterfeits is detailed, from acquiring the most coveted upcoming shoes, to sourcing the same materials as Nike, adidas, and others do. 

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