“Believe it or not, Pun’s death wasn’t even enough to make me go hard and lose weight like that,” says Fat Joe, who pulled up to Styles P’s Juices For Life on Castle Hill Ave in the Bronx to talk about life and health and hip hop. After losing six friends in a row to heart attacks, Joe had an epiphany while attending one of their funerals. “I was lookin’ at my own funeral,” says the hip hop legend. “This is gonna happen to me. That’s why I went so hard losin’ weight and trying to change my life.” These days he works out religiously and only eats fried food once a year. Styles and Mrs. P hooked him up a special juice blend with peach, papaya, and a touch of watermelon. Joe named it the Crack Attack! You gotta love this guy. Check out the latest issue of Juice Appeal right now.

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