Gillie Da Kid speaks with Mikey T the Movie Star of Report Card Radio Giving out a couple gems of his Million Dollars Worth of Game in this New Interview we pick up where we left off jumping back into the recent Kidnapping and Robbery of Tekashi69, Gillie shows sympathy toward 6ix9ine stating "Players Get Caught Slipping Too" Check out the Exclusives Interviews to see what Gillie Da Kid would have done if he was in Tekashi69 shoes... about the recent Robbey and Kidnapping of Rising Superstar Tekashi69 Gillie showing some sympathy towards the situation stating that "Players Get Caught Slipping Too" Gillie states his relationship is with Tr3way and that 6ix9ine has his jewelry back an everything seems to be good when asked what he would do Gillie responds in violence commenting that he would "Burn There Mothers House to the Ground and leave them burnt like some crispy chicken tenders" stay tuned for more of this interview with Gillie Da Kid..

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