Few NBA athletes have earned themselves as infamous a reputation as Cavaliers shooting guard JR Smith. Between the bevy of memes using his likeness that flood the internet, and his flashy off-court style, Smith always finds himself in the news for better or worse. On a trip to New York, Swish caught up with Complex to film their latest episode of Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods. Throughout the episode, the championship winning sharp shooter discussed his Supreme tattoo, his love for the under-appreciated Air Jordan 2, and how sneakers help motivate him on and off the court. Seemingly the perfect fit to be a Supreme advocate, Smith explains that he got the tattoo because he feels that his on-court personality is perfect for the grittiness and and street-minded lifestyle the globally popular brand portrays. In terms of the Jordan 2, it is the versatility that has JR’s attention, as it is just as comfortable being used as a hooping shoe and an off-court lifestyle statement piece. Finally, Smith says he has no problem wearing other athlete’s signature shoes, as he tends to poke fun with the likes of LeBron and Kyrie, saying that he thinks he looks better in their models anyway. For all that and to see what JR Smith spent over $4,600 on, check out the full episode below.

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